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SAFE is a test software to automate development and production testing. With easy drag & drop combined with a simple user interface you can build automated tests that fulfill your testing requirements and brings you real time results.

Traditionally automated testing has been for experts and required a lot of development time but with SAFE anyone can develop automated tests that can handle any requirement.

There are no tools quite like SAFE on the market. But we borrow from two established categories: graphical programming, Data visualisation, and data loggers.

Graphical programming

Examples: LabView, Simulink, VEE

Graphical or visual programming is a programming language where users can create programs in a graphically way instead of writing traditional code with text.

Graphical programming is great for experts and programmers that know the ins and out of hardware and software as the limits for what can be done are basically limitless. But they are also very difficult and time consuming to learn for engineers and technicians.

While SAFE also utilizes drag & drop to create test the difficulty has been reduced drastically with our unique project flow and blocks that are very powerful making it easy for the users to make their tests.

Data visualisation

Examples: Excel, PowerBI, Tableau

Data visualisation is a way of visualising test data in a organized way so you can compare it, analyse it, and present it to different people such as test operators, engineers and managers.

Every person usually wants to look at different data and traditionally testing and data visualisation has been separated into two different processes. This makes testing more complicated and longer as you do not get results right away because you switch between data acquisition and data visualisation.

While SAFE can also export data to e.g. Excel for later data visualisation, we are focused on bringing testers the necessary information on screen with dashboard you can set up yourself, so results can be evaluated immediately. Result can be e.g.:

  • Real-time data such as levels or plots.
  • Testcases that are PASSED or FAILED.

In addition to direct data visualisation and local saves of data, SAFE can log all test data and information into our cloud where it can be safely stored and visualised everywhere. This provides companies with multiple test stands a single place of data and security.


There is not a "best" tool for everything and everyone. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages, it is just a matter of what fits you the best. SAFE is a software specifically designed to make automating test easy for both engineers and tester alike. This means that you can build automated test easily and faster than ever before.

Questions? Want to talk about your specific test or troubles? Please reach out to us.