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Introduction to SAFE

Hi! Welcome to SAFE

SAFE is a test software that helps you automate your development and production testing, eliminating manual tasks to reduce time spent testing, and logs all your test data automatically so you can become data driven. Start reducing your test work and eliminate manual error prone tasks right now.

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Plug & play test software

SAFE is plug & play so you can get started immediately, no need to wait on someone developing some test software specific to your test. Build it yourself in SAFE with our drag and drop system. You can build and customize every part of your test including the hardware, the procedure, the data analysis and data visualisation.

Log test data

Log test data like never before. You decide what you want to log and in real-time. Log the serial number of each device you test, log data from every sensor and do data analysis on the fly to log results, we have not set a limit giving you the most powerful datalogger right from your PC.

Eliminate manual tasks

Eliminate manual tasks by controlling your devices and products during testing to test multiple things, or multiple settings at a time. Stop reading and typing numbers from one screen to another, skip waiting 10 minutes at a time to do something in your test. In SAFE you can specify what SAFE should do