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Supported Hardware


SAFE supports a large range of different hardware platforms and interfaces. This ranges from simple hardware, generic protocols, to high grade measurements hardware. With SAFE you can use a single hardware system or use multiple hardware systems at once. Only the actual hardware you have connected, sets the limit.

Some hardware is plug & play while others you define the specific commands that you want to use. Once the hardware is configured you can use it in your test sequence as you like.


Hardware list

Each hardware offers its own advantages and disadvantages. We try to give the option to choose between all of them. Below is a list of all the different hardware and protocols that SAFE supports in alphabetical order. In addition to the hardware below SAFE supports a lange range of different sensors making it easy for you to convert between electrical signals and calibrated sensor values such as pressure, temperature, sound level and much more.


The Arduino platform is cheap and easy to use hardware for simple digital control and analog measurements. The platform has a huge DIY community behind it. With SAFE you can use the Arduino UNO and Arduino MEGA plug & play with a simple script that you upload to the Arduino. If you are used to working with Arduino this is i a great choice for simple tests.

Arduino Mega 2560
Arduino Uno

Sound Cards

Sound cards are supported with the industry standard ASIO driver. This make it easy to make multichannel measurements for sound and noise testing. Use this standalone to measure sound or use it in conjunction with the other supported hardware to enable you to test sound and noise at the same time as your other measurements.

Audio Interfaces

Modbus Controlled Devices (e.g. PLC's, Frequency Drives, IO Modules)

Modbus can be used to communicate with almost any industry standard equipment. This is usually things like PLC's of any brand, frequency drives to motors, your own product such as heat pumps, ventilation units, or standard sensors for pressure, flow etc. Use SAFE to easily control the device or query data for logging. Define your own commands and use them as you want.

Modbus RTU - Modbus
Modbus TCP - Modbus

NI Hardware Platforms

NI hardware platforms are top of the line measurement equipment made by one of the best manufacturers in the world. It is used throughout for all kinds of test because of its precision and reliability. SAFE can be used plug & play with both the cheaper USB-600X series and the bigger CompactDAQ series where you can a large range of different modules for different tests.

NI CompactDAQ

SCPI Controlled Devices (e.g. Power Supplies, Multimeters, Data Loggers)

SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) is a standard protocol to control and log data from almost any modern laboratory equipment, such as power supplies, multimeters, data loggers and much more. Define your own commands and use them as you want for easy control of all your test equipment.

SCPI - Remote control for Laboratory Equipment

Testo Smart Probes

Testo smart probes are smart Bluetooth devices that are great for HVAC applications. The probes can measure e.g. air velocity, pressure, temperatures, current and much more. You simply connect them to the Testo Smart App and SAFE can log data the data over the network, making you able to expand the usage of your Testo Smart Probes.

Testo Smart Probes