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The recording track for the microphone sensor type is used for raw recording of sound. This is the most basic measurement type for a microphone and is useful for everything sound related. With the recording track you can do further analysis in processing and you can always change or create new processing methods later, as this is raw data. The disadvantage is that recording can take a lot of space and processing power.

Recording1 Pa


Time referenceTest time


Name specifies the name of the block. It will automatically be given the name of the device.

Time reference

Time reference is a specification of what kind of X data you want to have. If Time reference is Test time every sample is referenced to the general test time. If Time reference is Step time every sample is referenced to the time of the step where the track is.


Events are properties that are linked to events which include Trig action and track events EX.

Trig ActionAny event
Pre record duration1 s
Post record duration1 s
TypeAbove Threshold
Threshold1 Pa

Trig Action

Trig action is what kind of trigger action happens when an event occurs. This can be set to happen on Any event or All events. If set to All events all connected events must be occuring in order for the track to trigger.

Pre record duration

Pre record duration is how much time you want to record before the event.

Post record duration

Post record duration is the how much time you want to record after the event.


If an event is created on the track it will show up as E1, E2 etc. you can configure each event.


Type is what kind of event you can use. For this track you can set an event above or below a threshold.


Threshold is the threshold that should trigger an event. Default is 1 Pa.