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Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of frequently asked questions about SAFE topics. If you have any other questions start at chat in the bottom right corner of the page.

What can I use SAFE for?

SAFE can be used to carry out laboratory or production tests. Measure, analyse and document data from many different sensors like microphones, thermocouplers or accelerometers.

Is SAFE cross-platform?

SAFE is currently only working on Windows OS. Linux and Mac are in our road map. To increase this priority do let us know!

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How can I download SAFE

A trial version of SAFE can be downloaded directly from the Encida website. Submit the form and get started!

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What types of interfaces do you support?

SAFE supports several different interfaces from several different hardware manufacturers to industry protocols. See the list below to find out if SAFE supports yours. No drivers come with an installation of SAFE you must download these yourself.

List of supported hardware